Feeding the Birds in the Garden

Just because it's fall and your flowers and garden beds are mostly at rest for the season, there's no need to just go into your house and dream about next year's garden! You can still add interest to your garden for not only the fall and winter months, but for the rest of the year by just feeding the birds. If you are new to feeding birds in your backyard or now have more bird feeders and would like to purchase seed in bulk, we have a new page for you. This page will provide a listing of stores that carry birdseed in bulk to help you save money all year round. Please click here to see a listing of stores in your area!

Pond Walks

See some of the beauty unveiled by experiencing the photos from some of our local pond walks!

These pond walks are from key members of the Illiana Garden Pond Society.

Click Here to see some of our Pond Walk Photos

Backyard Wildlife Habitat Certification

In the past many people never thought about landscaping their own yards to attract wildlife. Many people thought they would need to go elsewhere when they wanted to see wildlife. This idea has changed dramatically in the last few years now that people realize that taking care of the environment must start at home. If you would like to learn more about how to certify your backyard as a wildlife habitat as many thousands of other people around the US have done, please click here.
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