Over the past several years Illiana Garden Pond Society has installed, maintained and helped many groups with their ponds such as Lincoln Elementary in Cedar Lake, Iddings Elementary in Merrillville, Morton High School in Hammond, and at the Lake County fairgrounds we joined the County Steam Engine group to install the fountain at Fancher Lake.

Over the last 11 years the Illiana Garden Pond Society has raised and donated $57,325 to various organizations.

Eagle Park Community School – In 2006 Illiana Garden Pond Society members built a pond for the children of the Eagle Park Community School in Crown Point, Indiana. The school uses the pond to teach the students about caring for plants and fish in a real ecosystem.  The pond has fascinated the students for years and became a great science project and teaching tool.

Wittenberg Lutheran Village – In 2005 one of our members, Pam Manwaring, was visiting The Wittenberg Lutheran Village Nursing Home in Crown Point, IN and noticed that there was a small pond that was falling into disrepair. Click on the link above to see what our members did to improve and change the look of this pond for the enjoyment of the residents.

Lake County Master Gardener Scholarships – Since 2005 the Illiana Garden Pond Society has donated $39,500 to the Lake County Master Gardener Scholarship Committee.  Our funds combined with their contributions help to make a difference for Lake County students pursuing degrees related to the mission of both our organizations.

In addition to the above mentioned groups, over the last eleven years the Illiana Garden Pond Society has given grants in the amount of $17,825 to the following:

Shirley Heinze Land Trust – A grant was given to the Shirley Heinze Land Trust to be used toward the purchase of native plants and landscape materials for the new native plant garden at the Meadowbrook Conservation Center and Preserve.

Pulmonary Hypertension Association – A donation was given for research and support for people suffering the effects of pulmonary hypertension.

Lake County Fairgrounds Historic Covered Bridge – We purchased a commemorative brick for the maintenance of the historic covered bridge in the Lake County Fairgrounds.  Originally built in 1878, the covered bridge was moved in 1933 from Rush County, Indiana.  The bricks will be used in the patio area at the covered bridge.

Portage Elementary School – A grant was given to a teacher for the purchase of much needed supplies for her classroom.

Settler’s Pond – Settler’s Pond is an exotic animal rescue in Beecher, Illinois.  It is one of only three exotic animal rescues in the country.  We gave money to them for the repair of their furnace.  We also give them a free booth space at our annual Pond Expo which they use to educate the public and receive donations to support their effort.

Merrillville Education Foundation – A donation was given to the Merrillville Education Foundation which funds innovative education grants to teachers in Merrillville schools.

American Cancer Society – Funds raised on our Friday night “First look at our Pond Expo” were given to the American Cancer Society.

Tri Town Safety Village – Funds for a street lamppost were donated in memory of Kevin Clark, one of our club’s founding members.  The safety village goal is to teach our children about safety (bicycle, trains, fire, etc.) and gardening.

Dunes Learning Center – Money was given to the Dunes Learning Center to help purchase two camera kits for use by summer campers participating in their nature photography program.  Photography is an interpretive “lens” through which campers can appreciate the natural beauty and biological significance of the Indiana dunes and share it with others.

Felix Fox – Funds from our club along with volunteers from South County Landscaping enabled us to finish the memorial for this veteran’s dog.  An unscrupulous landscaper had taken his money and even some of Felix’s own garden plants and left the job unfinished.

Lansing Christian School – Four teachers from Lansing Christian School received grants to purchase a jellyfish tank and supplies for her classroom, a light bank to study the life cycle of the Wisconsin Fast Plants, a terrarium with supplies, and an Easy-View Classroom aquarium along with the filter, pump, low voltage light, water conditioner, ceramic gravel and fish food.

Eagle Park School – Eagle Park School is a public school servicing special needs students that are able to grow in their less restrictive environment.  It services students who are physically, emotionally, and developmentally challenged.  Funds were given to purchase a kiln ventilation system along with glazes for their various art projects.



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